Making Contact

The next step is making contact. If you wish to know more or to make a first appointment please call me on 020 8546 9011. You may well connect to my answerphone but if you leave a message I will return your call promptly, usually on the same day.
There is also an email option if you wish to use it.

Assessment Session

If it seems appropriate we will arrange an assessment session in which we will meet to see whether we wish to work together. It will provide a space in which you are hopefully able to discuss your particular difficulties and to consider the options available. These might include some counselling sessions, psychotherapy or perhaps an onwards referral if this seems appropriate. Sometimes two sessions might be required to get a clearer picture. This first meeting is usually arranged within a week of your initial contact.

Choosing a Therapist or Counsellor

It is important when choosing a therapist that you feel able to work with him or her. An initial assessment session is an opportunity for both parties to think about this before a decision is made.